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I'm Ismael Sanchez, expert in business innovation. My areas of specialization focus on the fields of business, operations and technology. Innovation is at the core of my professional career. My two passions are learning and applying what I have learnt in real world solutions, my mission is to collaborate in building a better world. If you have an exciting business project and you seek for the best professionals, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

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  1. Grifols

    Activity: Pharmaceutical
    Position: Director Global Innovation & Analytics
    Period: Jun 2014 - Sep 2021
    Responsibilities: Analysis, control and reporting of R&D activities worldwide
    Strategic global project portfolio management
    Implementation of innovation initiatives
    Alliance management in collaborative projects
    Annual and long term R&D development plans
    Main achievements: Business: System for prioritisation and strategic analysis of projects
    Operations: Innovation initiative based on collective intelligence
    Web: Grifols
  2. Flamagas

    Activity: Consumer goods, manufacturing and distribution
    Position: Operations analyst
    Period: Feb 2011 - Dec 2012
    Responsibilities: Analysis and reporting of industrial activities in four manufacturing facilities located in Spain, China and India
    Technical and economic studies for projects and industrial operations
    R&D and industrial project management
    Main achievements: Operations: Internal benchmark of industrial operations
    Business: Industrial cost optimization initiatives
    Web: Flamagas
  3. F.Iniciativas

    Activity: Financing Research and Development activities
    Position: Industrial R&D consultant
    Period: Feb 2009 - Feb 2011
    Responsibilities: Clients assessment on financing R&D projects (tax credits and grants)
    Implementation of innovation systems management
    Relationship management with government administration
    Main achievements: Business: Acquire a new important international client specialised in rail transport technology systems
    Business: 100% succes in conflict resolution with the goverment administration
    Web: F. Iniciativas
  4. Llaza

    Activity: Development and manufactures of solar protection systems
    Position: Manufacturing engineer
    Period: Jul 2007 - Feb 2009
    Responsibilities: Design, installation and commissioning of new production units
    Analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
    Cost analysis and economic studies
    Main achievements: Operations: Relocalisation of production process from China to Spain by making it more competitive
    IT: Implementation of a new cost system in SAP
    Web: Llaza
  5. Fraphe Behr *

    Activity: Manufacturing of automotive engine cooling systems
    Position: Cost killer engineer (internship)
    Period: Jan 2007 - Jun 2007
    Responsibilities: Process analysis
    Manufacturing costs
    Main achievements: Operations: Raw material consumption optimization
    Web: Mahle
    * (currently Mahle)
  6. Duelectron *

    Activity: Projects and installations for industrial facilities
    Position: Financial analyst
    Period: Sep 1997 - Aug 2004
    Responsibilities: Financial reporting
    Project costing and analysis
    Tax management
    Main achievements: Business: Implementation of project cost accounting
    IT: App development for client quotations
    Web: Telstar Lifesciences
    * (currently Telstar)

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